The science

How does the science work?

The Mercer Match games are created based on decades of well-established neuroscience research. They assess fifty key cognitive and emotional traits. The goal is to identify tasks that would most reveal the traits that recruiters and hiring managers want to know. Together, these games provide a snapshot of a person's unique characteristics.

Mercer Match games are non-directional, meaning that unlike school or standardized tests, there is no most advantageous end of the spectrum to score on. Instead, they measure traits where either end of the spectrum can be beneficial based on the demands of a particular profession.

What do we do with your results?

We apply sophisticated data science algorithms to your performance on each game to create your personalized cognitive, emotional, and social profile, as well as career profile.

Once we create your profile, we match it to the Mercer Match career and company profiles we’ve built based on the game performance of successful employees.

We then send your profile to companies where you highly match. This is the only time we share information with companies - if you are a great fit for them!