Find and engage the best candidates anywhere.

Use our unbiased, scientific games and algorithms to identify talent.

Recruit top-notch candidates that fit the cognitive and emotional profile of your successful employees

How to use Mercer Match


Identify candidates who wouldn’t otherwise apply and who most closely fit your ideal trait profile


Use candidate and company trait profiles to place high-potential hires and improve their likelihood of success


Use Mercer Match internal mobility platform to identify opportunities for your existing employees

How the science works

Your employees play 12 fun, scientifically-valid games - they only take 20 minutes!

You discover the key traits for a role or multiple roles at your company. If you don't want to use your employees, we have prebuilt industry profiles.

You find candidates that are best suited for the role.

Neuroscience + data science redefining your recruiting practices

What you get when you double up on science

Improve process

Our candidates are 5-10x more likely to be successful than the average resume-sourced candidate. That’s because resume data has poor predictive power.

Increase diversity

Mercer Match is the anti-bias algorithm. All our algorithms have complete gender and ethnic balance in recommended candidates. We use unbiased trait inputs instead of using any resume data (which is very frequently biased).

Expand reach

Great talent is everywhere but recruiting staff cannot be. Avoid the dreaded resume drop black hole and let the Mercer Match search engine find you the best candidates anywhere.

Our mission

Democratize and diversify career choice and hiring through unbiased algorithms.

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